Numerology is that the study of the symbolism of numbers

12 Nov 2013 03:04

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Numerology is that the study of the symbolism of numbers. it's wont to verify an individual's's|a human|somebody's} personality, strengths and skills, obstacles to be overcome, inner desires, emotional reactions and ways in which of managing others. By applying easy mathematical formulas to the numbers representing a Numerology human name and birth date, a believer will derive four major core parts and a few twenty or thirty modifiers. A symbolic analysis of those parts and modifiers provides a remarkably complete and correct character analysis.

Since the birth date is fastened, the weather and modifiers associated with the birth date do not modification throughout a human lifespan. On the opposite hand, names typically endure changes throughout one's life either by Numerology alternative (Robert becomes Bob) or as a particular state of affairs needs (marriage, in particular). once names modification, there will oftentimes be substantial modifications created to an individual's's|a human|somebody's} energies and personality.

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